Instituting a Corporate Travel Program for Non-Sales Employees

An incentive travel program is most commonly used by companies to inspire their sales team to perform to their fullest potential. Employee motivation is critical with a sales force, and this is because sales drives revenue and profits. A successful company needs to have a productive sales team, and travel programs are a wonderful way to motivate them to succeed in their efforts. After all, most of your sales team may be motivated to work harder if they had the opportunity to win a trip to an exotic destination. However, corporate travel programs can also be used successfully for non-sales employees. After all, every employee has specific goals that you need them to meet.

Analyzing Your Company’s Weaknesses
Before you go through the time and expense of setting up an incentive travel program, it is necessary to analyze your company’s weaknesses beyond sales. For example, does your customer service department regularly receive complaints about delivery times, product quality or other factors? Does your customer service department have a bad reputation in the industry for being rude to customers? Such issues can be detrimental to your company’s ability to grow and succeed, and you may be able to motivate your employees to do better through a combination of improved training programs, establishing structured and defined goals and instituting an exceptional travel program.

Determining If Corporate Travel Is the Best Motivator
To determine if an incentive travel program is the best option for employee motivation, you must consider a few points. First, is the area that you want to motivate your employees in quantifiable? For example, if you want to improve delivery time, do you have an accurate way to track delivery times for all employees? Second, you need to consider if a travel program is a cost-effective solution. Travel programs can be expensive, so the end result needs to be worthwhile to justify the program. If not, using a gift card to a restaurant or store may be a more cost-effective option. However, keep in mind that the employee motivation needs to be something the employees truly want, and most will be highly motivated by a trip and less motivated by a free meal at a restaurant.

Corporate travel is a great way to motivate your employees to do better. While it is commonly used to motivate sales employees to break sales goals that you have established for them, you can see that it may effectively be used to improve business operations in non-sales areas. If you have been struggling to find a way to motivate your employees, take a closer look at some of the travel programs designed for corporate incentive use today.

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