Tips For Finding Cheap Rental Cars

Traveling is sometimes made infinitely easier when you have your own vehicle to drive around in at will. Sometimes it is impossible to bring your personal vehicle, but you can generally find a rental company in most major cities and many small towns across Canada. These companies tend to have quite the stock of various vehicles, which can meet your needs, depending on what those exactly are. Many people are fine simply renting a compact vehicle for themselves, their gear, and perhaps a travel partner. Others will want something larger, though, which can be a bit more costly. You can avoid paying too much, however, by following these simple tips.

Book in Advance

If you know exactly what city you will be traveling to, try to book online in advance. You can generally receive a far better deal through a company’s online portal than by speaking to someone at the front desk. It is usually quicker and easier to book a rental car online, too. Make sure you have all of your documents, proof of rental and the rate from online to avoid any hassles when you arrive.

Check Prices Frequently

Check the prices of vehicles frequently. If you are using an aggregator website to search major rental companies, this is far easier. For example, if you book way ahead of time and have no cancellation penalties but notice the price of the rental drops elsewhere or within the same company, cancel your rental and opt for the lower price instead. Sometimes car companies drop their rental prices before a weekend if they have a lot of stock.

Avoid Airports

A lot of rental companies have set themselves up close to an airport or directly within an airport terminal for those just arriving in the city or country. Try to avoid these at all costs, as the prices tend to be much higher than other locations. Instead, look within nearby neighborhoods for other locations to save a bit of money. Make sure the other branch is not along the outskirts of the city, however, as you will incur quite the long and costly taxi ride to get there.

One-Way Drop Off Fees

You should always be wary of any one-way drop off fees, as these can be quite major often times. Where possible, plan to have your trip circle back to drop the vehicle off at the original location. This will save you some money in the long-run.

Unlimited Mileage

If possible, make sure your rental includes an unlimited mileage option. This way you can take the vehicle anywhere you need to go without major charges against you.

It is easy to make a mistake when opting for a car rental for the first time. Just following these five tips and you should save some money on your travels. Visit Discount Car & Truck Rentals and learn more information from the available resources.

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